Fun Remodeling Ideas to Liven Up Your Home

There are tons of great ways to make a house that is old, small, or just a little blah feel more welcoming and exciting. Taking on a remodel project allows you to take the bones of your house and transform them into something unique and exciting. Interesting in switching up your house, but don’t know where to start? Here are some fun remodeling ideas that you can use to add value to your home.

Creating a reading nook

Any book lover dreams of having a cozy place to relax with their favorite novel and a warm cup of tea on a rainy day. You can transform any corner or annex of your home into a reading nook with some creativity. First, you’ll need to install a bench or couch to sit on, complete with cushions and pillows for comfort. Then, you’ll need storage for your books. Many people choose to add shelving directly into the walls, but you can also opt to add some storage under your seating area.

Opening up your entryway

Stylish entryways are very trendy in home decor right now, so many people are opting to take their existing entryway and make it bigger by taking out walls or closets. You can also turn the area into a quasi-mudroom by adding shoe storage and cabinets, as well as benches where people can sit and take off their coats and shoes. Adding some chic wallpaper and art also makes the area much more welcoming.

Creative cabinetry

If you enjoy cooking, then you’re likely always clamoring for just a little more space in your kitchen. A great upgrade to make if you have the time and money is reconfiguring your cabinets to suit your needs. There are endless possibilities – you can add deeper cabinets, cabinets in creative shapes and locations, or even add cabinets to walls that previously didn’t have them. New cabinets make it much easier for you to store all of your kitchenware and keep your surfaces clean and clutter-free.

New flooring and painting

If you are sick of your old, traditional carpet and walls, then consider installing new flooring that matches your style better, like wood or tile. Both look very sophisticated and stylish, and they can be warmed up with rugs if you find they are too cold. In particular, adding new flooring to places like bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens can make a huge difference in the way they look.

Add a fireplace

If you live in a cold climate, a fireplace is a great amenity to help you warm up after a long day out in nasty weather. Adding a fireplace – either gas or wood – can be quite the lengthy project, but they really transform the way your room looks and feels. A fireplace makes any living room or bedroom feel warmer and is a great focal point for the space.

Change up your staircase

Your staircase is likely to see a ton of use, so upgrading it is a good investment that adds lots of value to your home. By changing the walls, railings, and flooring around your staircase, you can transform the focal point of the house into something very stylish. Many people choose to add wood floors or stair runners, as well as adding wainscoting to the walls or installing railings with stylish detail. Some even choose to change the structure of the staircase to suit their tastes – a big project that can have big rewards.

There are endless possibilities for what you could do with your home remodel. With a little bit of creativity and good design, you can create a space that really reflects your style.

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